Required Form for every camp:

2022 Waiver

We ask that campers complete new forms for each camp.

The Medical Release can be satisfied in one of two ways:
  • The doctor signs and dates the Waiver Form
  • A copy of a valid school or annual physical – indicating cleared for activities/sports
The University requires that the Medical Release must be signed or dated within 12 months of the first day of camp.

Other Pertinent Camp Forms:
2022 Frequently Asked Questions
2022 General Rules and Expectations for Campers
2022 Emergency Action Procedures
Exhibit C.2 - Youth Activity Safety Policy (7-13-21)

Concussion Awareness Information:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention Concussion

2022 Concussion Information Sheet

2022 Fact Sheet for Youth Sports Parents - Concussions
2022 Fact Sheet for Youth Ages 11-13 - Concussions
2022 Fact Sheet for Youth Ages 14-18 - Concussions